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One of our core beliefs is that form and function need not be mutually exclusive. When shopping for succulent planters, we came across hundreds of different designs, colors, and materials. However, they all had a fatal flaw that was a deal breaker for my succulents: no drainage holes. When I did find a pot with a drainage hole, it was typically made of tiresome terracotta or the design was sleep inducing.

Why are drain holes vital for plant health?



Ever seen a paper towel magically pull water upwards when just dipping the edge into a bit of water? Or maybe you’ve seen the water inside your straw sit a little higher than the water in the drink itself. This is the magic of capillary action in the works. Actually, this is not magic, but the science of molecular cohesion and adhesion to the materials.

We’ve put this science to work and made watering with these planters easy.



Why is the drain hole so important?

Proper aeration and drainage of excess water is critical to the health of many plants. This is especially true for water sipping plants like succulents. Roots which soak in standing water for too long will ultimately succumb to root rot, eventually killing the plant. Proper drainage will allow the soil to become moist but not retain a pool of water. Putting rocks at the bottom of a pot or decorative plant setups like terrariums do little for this problem.

What is your planter made of?

Our Corner Planter is made of high quality and safe ceramic. The ceramic is made of mostly Silica (SiO2), Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3), and Water (H2O). The self-watering wick is made of nylon. We chose nylon for its longevity. Other materials such as cotton will rot and degrade quickly.

Do I need to use the self-watering wick?

Not at all, but it provides for an easy watering alternative. Just lift the top portion of the planter and fill with water! The wick will do the rest over the next day or two. Feel free to leave out the watering wick and use the included water pipette for easy watering.

Where can I display these?

The planter looks great on window sills, dining tables, office desks, and many other places. Put them in the corners of cubicles or walls - they fit nice and snug there! If you have more than one planter, you can also arrange them to form shapes like pyramids or staggered lines.

Can I buy in bulk?

Yes! Many offices, restaurants, designers or people who like more than a few often purchase in bulk. Send us an e-mail with how many you're interested in and the use case and we'll get back to you!

Do you ship outside of the USA?

Yes we do! If shipping cost is a concern, please email us and we will offer options!