Capillary Action in Self-Watering Planters


Ever seen a paper towel magically pull water upwards when dipping just the edge into a bit of water? Or maybe you’ve seen the water inside your straw sit a little higher than the water in the drink itself. This is the magic of capillary action in the works. Actually, this is not magic, but the science of molecular cohesion and adhesion to the materials.

We’ve taken this same science and applied it to our plants and created self-watering planters. If you decide to pot the self-watering wick with your plant, leave part of the string out so it dips into the saucer. When the plant is ready for watering, simply lift the planter and fill the saucer. When you replace the planter, the wick will use capillary action to slowly water your plant.

capillary action self watering succulent wick

This method is hassle-free. The capillary action will provide water to your plant over the next few days. No worrying about over-watering or having to clean up any spills.  For succulents, we recommend waiting a few days in between filling your saucer. Let the soil dry out completely for a few days and give longer times in between watering.

Our wicks are made of plant-safe nylon. Other materials will degrade and rot, forcing you to replace and repot the plant.

The ease of self-watering! 


succulent planters self watering